by Ernest Easley

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The Sleeping Church (5 of 7)
Dr. Ernest L. Easley
Revelation 3.1-6
November 10, 2002

As we continue our study of GOD'S SPECIAL BOOK OF
BLESSING... join me in Revelation chapter 3. Keep in
mind that the book of Revelation is the unveiling...
the uncovering of the person of Jesus Christ.

In fact... the book begins in verse 1, "The
Revelation of Jesus Christ..." And that word
"Revelation" is the Greek word "Apokalupis" where we
get the word Apocalypse.

We are learning these days about the
Apocalypse... which means "the unveiling... the
uncovering" of Jesus Christ.

Also keep in mind that God has given us an
outline to follow in our study of the Apocalypse. And
that outline is found in Chapter 1.19, "Write the
things which you have seen (chapter 1: glory of
Jesus); and the things which are (chapters 2-3...
messages to the seven churches of Asia... the grace of
Jesus); and the things which will take place after
this (chapters 4-22... the government of Jesus.)

You will find it easier to keep up and understand
the Revelation once you get a grasp of God's outline.

Now we come this morning to chapter 3 as we
continue our tour of these seven churches of Asia...
modern day Turkey! These seven churches describe
seven kinds of churches and seven kinds of church
members that are still among us today.

Perhaps you found yourself in the church at
Ephesus... the Sidetracked church. Perhaps you love
to serve Jesus than you love Jesus. If so, Jesus says
to you "repent or I'll remove my blessing from your

But if not at Ephesus... perhaps you found
yourself at the church of Smyrna... the Suffering
Church. When you decide to sell out to Jesus... as
long as the Devil is loose and most people are lost...
you will experience suffering!

Well... if you didn't find yourself at Ephesus or
Smyrna... perhaps you did at the church of Pergamos...
the ...

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