by Ernest Easley

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The Seduced Church (4 of 7)
Series: God's Special Book Of Blessing
Ernest L. Easley
Revelation 2.18-29

We are learning these days that the book of Revelation is not only a very Powerful and Personal book... it is a Practical book! It not only speaks of the future... it speaks of the present!

That's why whenever we read it or hear it preached... we need to be like Samuel who said in 1 Samuel 3.9, "Speak, Lord, for your servant hears." For what we read in Revelation... is like having Jesus speaking from this pulpit. Did you know that? This is as much the Word of God as if Jesus was standing here speaking to us!

With that in mind... take your Bible and turn to Revelation chapter 2. This morning we are picking up where we left off last Sunday in our tour of the churches of Asia Minor.

We began with the church at Ephesus... the Sidetracked Church. They were straight as a gun barrel theologically and just as empty as a gun barrel spiritually. They loved serving Jesus more than they loved Jesus. And today... churches are full of members just like that. And to the sidetracked church members... Jesus says "repent or I'll remove your lampstand. You'll have activities without anointing! You'll have busyness without blessing! You'll have meetings without might!"

Just up the road from Ephesus was Symrna... the Suffering Church. We learn from that church that to live... sold-out for Jesus... is like swimming upstream in this world. But I would rather swim upstream with Jesus than downstream without Him!

And then last Sunday we visited the church at Pergamos... the Secular Church. The Devil had accomplished putting the world into the church! Folks... Jesus has put His church in the world and the Devil tries to put the world into the church. The church is like a boat. A boat is built to be in water, not water to be in the boat. And when a boat is in water... it sails. But when water gets into the boat... it sinks! And the same is ...

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