by Ernest Easley

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The Sign Gifts that Established the Church (11 of 16)
Dr. Ernest L. Easley
1 Corinthians 12.4-11
August 25, 2002

As you are turning to 1 Corinthians 12... let me
tell you that in two weeks... Sunday... September
8th... as a part of our evening worship... we are going
to have a "Spiritual Gift Fair" in the Vision Center.
Many of you have recently discovered your
spiritual gifts. And we want to help you discover
where God would have you deploy those gifts within the
life of our church family.
You will have the opportunity to walk through the
various ministries of our church. Listed at each
station will be the grace gifts needed to help fulfill
these ministries. There will be representatives at
each station to help answer your questions. And at
those stations... we're going to ask you to put your
There may be immediate needs in each ministry.
There will be needs arise over the next few months and
years. And I hope that our Spiritual Gift Fair will
help you in your journey in discovering...
dedicating... and deploying your spiritual gift in
order to be a blessing to all!
Now with your Bibles open to 1 Corinthians 12...
we come tonight to the Sign Gifts. We have already
unwrapped all of the
Service Gifts that Encourage the Church:

(8) Ministry... Exhortation... Administration...
Leadership... Mercy... Giving... Helps and

Support Gifts that Equip the Church:

(9) Apostle... Prophet... Evangelist... Pastor...
Teacher... Faith... Discernment... Wisdom and

Now that brings us to the last of the grace gifts
listed in the New Testament: the Sign Gifts. Now you
say, "Pastor, what are the sign gifts?" Well... there
are four sign gifts listed in the Bible: Healings...
Miracles... Tongues and Interpretation of tongues.
Now somebody says, "Why are you calling them sign
gifts? Well... John 20.30-31, "And truly Jesus did
many othe ...

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