by Ernest Easley

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The Service Gifts that Encourage the Church (9 of 16)
Dr. Ernest L. Easley
Romans 12.8
August 11, 2002

Now join me for a few minutes tonight in the New
Testament book of Romans. Once there, turn to chapter
We have been unwrapping GOD'S GIFTS OF GRACE on
these summer Sunday nights in an attempt for every
member to discover their spiritual gifts and here's
why: once you discover your grace gift... you discover
where you fit and where you don't fit into the body of
For instance... if you have the gift of
teaching... and for you to help the church fulfill
God's plan and purposes... then you need to use your
gift within the church. But on the other hand... if
you don't have the gift of teaching... you have no
business teaching. Not only are you in a place of
ministry where you don't belong... but you are
preventing somebody with that gift from using it!
Now we have already unwrapped all of the Support
Gifts that Equip the Church: Apostles, Prophet,
Evangelist, Pastor, Teachers, Discernment, Wisdom and
Knowledge. And thank God for you that have these
wonderful gifts!
But not only are there the Support Gifts that
Equip the Church... there are the Service Gifts that
Encourage the Church. Chances are great that you have
at least one of these gifts: The Gift of
Ministry/Serving... The Gift of Exhorting... The Gift
of Giving... The Gift of Leadership/Administration.
Now Paul tells us in Romans 12.4, "For as we have
many members in one body, but all the members do not
have the same function."
Let me tell you why you need to discover and
deploy your spiritual gifts within the church: we can
do more together than we can do separate.
God intended us to be a team working together to
accomplish great things for Him! And a team can be far
more powerful and successful that the separate members
working individually.
I read this week about the Synergetics (sin-er-

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