by Ernest Easley

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The Service Gifts that Encourage the Church (7 of 16)
Dr. Ernest L. Easley
Romans 12.3-8
July 28, 2002

As we continue unwrapping God's gifts of grace...
join me in Romans 12. Now we have discovered that
God's gifts of grace fall into three divisions:
-the sign gifts that established the church.
-the support gifts that equip the church.
And many of you discovered that you have some of
these gifts: Apostle, Prophet, Evangelist, Pastors,
Teachers, Faith, Discernment, Wisdom and Knowledge.
-the service gifts that encourage the
These are the gifts we are presently unwrapping.
So far we have unwrapped two of these gifts: The gift
of ministry and exhortation.
The gift of ministry is the gift of serving. You
have a passion for meeting needs. You thrive on
helping others. How many of you have recently
discovered that you have been given this gift? The
gift of ministry? Now let me ask you a question: how
are you using your gift to be a blessing to our
church? In what area of ministry are you engaged in
here at RSBC? God gave you the gift of ministry to
use for edifying the saved and evangelizing the lost!
All right... what about the second service
gift: the gift of exhortation? How many of you
believe to have this gift? The gift of cheering and
clapping others on through life? The gift of
deepening somebody's determination? The gift of
spurring others on when they need spurring on?
Let's see the hands of our exhorters tonight!
Why don't we exhort our exhorters here tonight! My...
how we need you to use your gift which raises the
question: How are you using your gift to be a blessing
to others in our church family? How are you coming
along side others to strengthen them? Are you writing
notes? Are you sending emails? Are you involved with
a ministry in our church encouraging others? What
about the Men's ...

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