by Ernest Easley

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The Service Gifts that Encourage the Church (6 of 16)
Dr. Ernest L. Easley
Romans 12.3-8
July 21, 2002

Now join me tonight in Romans 12. We are in the
middle of unwrapping God's gifts of grace! And no
saint has to wonder if there is a gift for them or
not. Every saint has been a grace gift. In fact... I
believe God has given every saint more than one grace
And just as there are a variety of saints...
there are a variety of gifts! Paul tells us in 1
Corinthians 12.4, "Now there are diversities of gifts,
but the same Spirit. There are differences of
ministries, but the same Lord."
And no gift was given to go unwrapped or unused!
Just as the body cannot fully function without all of
its members working... the church cannot fully
function without all of its members working. And your
place of service should not be determined by a
committee or the pastor but by your grace gift! In
other words... if you can discover your spiritual
giftedness... you will discover where you fit into the
body of Christ!
First you must discover your gift... then you can
deploy your gift "for the profit of all." Now what
happened last Sunday night in this building is what
sometimes takes place within the body!
If you were here last Sunday night... you may
remember how hot it was in here. Well... the
explanation is simple: we had an air conditioner unit
that wouldn't run! And because it wouldn't run... we
all suffered!
We have six air conditioner units to cool off
this worship center. These units operate on the same
basis as a track relay team that passes the patton to
the next runner. They work together as a team for the
purpose of cooling this room!
Well... last Sunday night when it came time for
the sixth unit to cycle on... it wouldn't! Because
one unit went down... we all suffered! You say, "but
hey... the other five units were working." Yes they
were working. Bu ...

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