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Defending the Gospel of Jesus (4 of 16)
Series: No Other Gospel
Bob Ingle
Galatians 2:1-10

I invite you to turn to Galatians 2. Today we're going to talk about 'Defending the Gospel of Jesus'. I almost named this message: Sticking to Your Guns. Because that's exactly what the Apostle Paul is doing in our text today. He's not going to be swayed, influenced, or persuaded from the Gospel of grace by anything or anyone for any reason. He's sticking to his Gospel guns no matter what.

As I thought about this passage, it reminded me of a story I've told you some time ago about the little boy who told his mom he saw a lion in the front yard. She told him it was a collie, not a lion. This little boy was known to be a little untruthful, so to teach him a lesson she told him to go to his room and pray about it. When he returned, she asked, ''What did God think about it?'' He replied, ''God said not to worry about it. The first time He saw that dog he thought it was a lion too.'' That's sticking to your guns, right?

Paul is sticking to his guns when it comes to how a person is made right with God and made ready for heaven. It's by grace alone, through faith alone, in Christ alone. Paul taught that salvation was Jesus plus nothing equals everything. But some false teachers, called Judiazers, came in after Paul had moved on teaching that you can't be saved by grace alone or by just believing in Jesus alone, but you have to add to that good works and obedience to the law. You have to eat the right things. You have to be circumcised. You have to do your part. You have to do something for it.

Now, last week I told you that Galatians reads like a one-sided phone call. When you hear someone talking on the phone you can decipher what the other person you can't see or hear is saying through the person you can see and hear. That's Galatians. We can figure out how the Judaizers were attacking Paul and his Gospel of grace by how Paul is defending himself in this letter ...

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