by Ernest Easley

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Praying with the Savior - Part 2 (29 of 33)
Series: Behold the Lamb
Ernest L. Easley
John 17:1,6-19

Our study of John's gospel brings us again this morning to the greatest prayer ever prayed! And that prayer is found in John 17!

Now what makes this the greatest prayer ever prayed is the person who prayed it! Jesus is praying!

But not only the person who prayed it... but the period that He prayed it! This prayer allows us to hear our savior's passion and priority!! He is hours away from facing the cross!

That is what makes this the greatest prayer ever prayed! The person of this prayer and the period of this prayer. But also the purpose of this prayer. Jesus said in verse 1, ''Father, the hour has come, Glorify Your Son, that Your Son also may glorify You.''

Now how many here today would say, ''Pastor, I want to be like Jesus?'' Let me see your hands.

Well...if you are going to be like Jesus... His practice must be your practice! And His practice was prayer! That is the direction to look when you need direction... when you are in trouble... when you have a need!

But if you are going to be like Jesus... His practice not only must be your practice: His desire must be your desire. And His desire was to magnify... to praise... to ascribe honor to His Father!

That was His passion... His desire: to magnify and praise... to glorify His Father! He lived to glorify His Father! He died to glorify His Father. And if you really want to be like Jesus... then His desire will be your desire! That should be the passion of our church! To magnify... to bring praise and honor to God! That when people walk into this worship center... that there is no doubt that we love Jesus by the way we worship Him!

Now let me tell you something about the prayer life of Jesus! He not only came to this world to talk to people about the Father... He also came to talk to the Father about people!

Jesus was an intercessor! Do you know what an intercessor is? It i ...

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