by Ernest Easley

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How to Experience God's Blessing (21 of 33)
Series: Behold the Lamb
Ernest L. Easley
John 13:1-17

Now as we continue our study of John's gospel under the theme: BEHOLD THE LAMB... join me in chapter 13! Now with the public ministry of Jesus complete and the shadow of the cross looming over Him... Jesus gathers with His disciples into the Upper Room to share the Passover meal.

Now what Jesus taught them in at Upper Room forever changed their life! In fact... what they learned in that upper room brought upon their lives the blessings of God! We are about to read in John 13.17, ''If you know these things, happy (blessed) are you if you do them.''

How would you like to have God's blessing... God's favor upon your life? What about on your marriage and home? How would you like for God's favor to be upon your marriage and home?

Jesus says in John 13.17, ''If you know these things, happy (blessed) are you if you do them.'' Now the tragedy today is that a lot of people know these things... but they don't do them! They refuse to meet God's condition for contentment! You say, ''Ernest, why would anybody refuse to meet God's condition for contentment?'' I don't know why... you tell me?

I dare say that in the next 25 minutes that some of you are going to learn how to experience God's blessing and best upon your life and yet... you won't do them! And by not doing these things... you are going to miss out on God's best!

That is a tragedy! Listen to it again: ''If you know these things (you say, ''what things?'' are about to know them), happy (blessed) are you if you do them.''

Now somebody says, ''All right Pastor... I want God's blessing and favor upon my life... so what does God say I must do? What is involved in experiencing God's blessing?''

Well... that is what I want to talk to you about this morning from John 13...

Now let me tell you up front that you will never experience God's blessing and favor as long as you have dirty ...

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