by Ernest Easley

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Church Members that Build Great Churches (18 of 33)
Series: Behold the Lamb
Ernest L. Easley
John 12:1-11

As we continue to BEHOLD THE LAMB of God through the eyes of the Apostle John... we come this morning to chapter 12 where we find some friends of Jesus throwing Him a dinner party!

Now you are about to read that while his friends were having a party... his foes were plotting to kill Him! The truth is... things haven't changed all that much! The Devil's crowd is still trying to kill Him! The Devil's crowd is still trying to put His church out of business.

And did you know that when you don't show up for worship ... you are voting with the Devil's crowd? How are you going to vote tonight?

When you don't tithe... you are casting a vote with the Devil's crowd to put the church out of business! When you don't witness... you are casting a vote with the Devil's crowd!

What kind of church member are you, anyway? Are you the kind of church member that is helping build a great church for Jesus Christ?

Somebody took a survey of some church members across America. Here is what they found:

10 % cannot be found.
20 % never attend.
25 % never pray.
30 % never read the Bible.
40 % never give to the church.
60 % never give to world missions.
75 % never serve through the church.
95% have never won a single person to Jesus, yet:
100% expect to go to heaven.

I read about a discouraged pastor who was talking to his pastor friend. He said, ''Brother... the reason I am so discouraged is because the majority of our church members are like Farmer Smith's pond: dried up in the summer and frozen in the winter.''

Well this morning from John 12... we learn what kind of church members it takes to build a great church for the glory and honor of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Lets see what kind of church members it takes to build a Jesus-centered... Jesus-loving... Need- meeting... Soul-winning... God-blessed church!

It is here in the fir ...

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