by Ernest Easley

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The Miracle at the House of Mercy (9 of 33)
Series: Behold the Lamb
Ernest L. Easley
John 5:1-18

As we continue thinking under the heading BEHOLD THE LAMB... join me for a few minutes this morning in John chapter 5. It is here that we find a man in need of a miracle!

I wonder how many of you... like the man in John chapter 5... are in need of a miracle? For you... it is a marriage miracle! I mean... your marriage is in serious trouble and nobody knows except you and you spouse!

Or perhaps you need a financial miracle! You've sunk a large portion of your retirement in tech stocks and you're wondering now if that was such a good idea!

Others are in need of a physical miracle. I mean... if God doesn't step in soon... you're sunk! May I remind you this morning that problems are platforms for God to do miracles! Had the refreshments had not have run out at the wedding at Cana... Jesus would have never turned the water into wine!

Had the nobleman's son not been at the point of death... Jesus would have never healed him! And had the man in John chapter 5 not been paralyzed ... Jesus would have never made him well!

You see... Jesus was God's answer to the disappointment at the wedding at Cana. Jesus was God's answer to the doubt of the nobleman. And now this morning from John 5 we read that Jesus was God's answer to the disability of this paralyzed man. And you can believe that Jesus is God's answer to your difficulty today!

Let's begin reading in John 5.1 as we read about...

Now as we think about The Miracle at the House of Mercy... consider with me first: The Condition of this Man. Second: The Command to this Man. And then Third: The Change in this Man. (1) THE CONDITION OF THIS MAN.

Now John tells us several things about the condition of this man. To begin with... he mentions:

-this man's place. (v.2)

The city of Jerusalem was a walled city. And strategically placed along the wall were gates. For instance... in the Northern ...

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