by Ernest Easley

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Wisdom for the Weary (11 of 12)
Dr. Ernest L. Easley
Proverbs 12.18-26
August 26, 2001

We have been enjoying a summer series from the
book of Proverbs entitled "GOT WISDOM?" And how we
need wisdom to live godly in this ungodly world of
ours. Our children need wisdom! Our teenagers need
wisdom! Our adults need wisdom! And how thankful I
am that God has provided us the wisdom we need for
godly living through the Old Testament book of
Now the word translated "wisdom" throughout the
book of Proverbs was used in that day to describe the
skill of a sailor and the skill of a singer. That's
what wisdom does... it sharpens our skills for godly
Now tonight from Proverbs 12 . . . God is going to
give us Wisdom for the Weary... that is... wisdom for
the discouraged! I wonder . . . do we have any
discouraged saints here tonight? Well... you can
believe that the Devil is somehow behind it! For if
he can somehow get you discouraged... he is that much
closer to stopping the work of God in your life and
through your life.
We need to be more like that man who was lost in
the desert. He had been out of food and water for
days. His lips were swollen. His tongue was swollen.
He had been scraped up and beat up by the cactus and
sand and sun. He was blistered.
As he was crawling over a little sand dune... he
came across a little plant and propped himself up on
one of his bloody elbows. He looked down at the plant
and said, "You know, if things keep going like this, I
might get discouraged."
If there was ever a time we need wisdom it is
when we find ourselves discouraged! That is what we
are thinking about tonight from Proverbs chapter 12...
Wisdom for the Weary
Proverbs 12.18-26
Verse 25, "Anxiety in the heart of man causes
depression, but a good word makes it glad." Now in
our time remaining... from verse 25... I want to show
you The Root of Discouragement a ...

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