by Ernest Easley

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Wisdom for Fiscal Fitness (8 of 12)
Dr. Ernest L. Easley
Proverbs 23.4-5
July 15, 2001

As we continue our summer series under the
heading: Got Wisdom . . . we begin tonight in Proverbs 23.
If there was ever an area in our lives that calls for
godly wisdom it is in the area of fiscal fitness!
Not Physical fitness . . . but rather fiscal fitness!
Now don't tell me that the Word of God is not
practical and relevant for today! God not only cares
about your faith... He cares about your finances! You
will find about 500 verses in the Bible dealing with
prayer! You will find more than 2,350 verses about
money and how to handle it!
In a recent Gallup poll... 56% of the families
surveyed indicated that the biggest problem they faced
as a family was finances! One common denominator in
the majority of divorces is tied into money.
"Theirs was a beautiful marriage; but for one
little flaw, He was quick on the deposit, but she was
quicker on the draw."
The modern American is a person who drives a
bank-financed car on a bond-financed highway on
gasoline bought on a credit card on their way to open
a charge account at a department store so they can
fill their savings and loan-financed home with
installment purchased furniture. It is time for
modern Americans to become fiscally fit!
Years ago... after searching the scripture...
John Wesley wrote some wonderful... biblical... and
practical advice:
"Earn all you can without injuring your soul,
your body, or your neighbors. Save all you can,
avoiding any unnecessary waste. Give all you can."
Earn all you can! Save all you can! Give all
you can!
Now tonight in our time together.... we are going
to find if John Wesley's advice stacks up against the
Word of God! We are going to be like the Bereans in
Acts 17 verse 11 says, "received the word with all
readiness, and searched the Scriptures daily to find
out whether these things we ...

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