by Ernest Easley

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Wisdom for Getting Along with Others (5 of 12)
Dr. Ernest L. Easley
Proverbs 10
June 17, 2001

Tonight we are back getting wisdom from the book
of Proverbs. We hear a lot these days about "Got
Milk?" But there is a better product: wisdom! Milk
may make the body strong... but wisdom makes the
spirit strong!
I suppose that this generation has more knowledge
than any previous generation. We have been so busy
gaining knowledge that we have neglected God's
instruction in Proverbs 4.5 to "Get wisdom!" For the
most part... we have become the most educated fools of
any generation. Now don't misunderstand me tonight.
Knowledge is good... but wisdom is better! Knowledge
is helpful... but wisdom is better! And what we need
today is heavenly wisdom for dealing with earthly
And if there was ever an area in our lives that
we need some heavenly wisdom it is in the area of
Getting Along with Others!
"To Dwell Above, with Saints we know, now that
will be Heavenly. But to dwell below with Saints we
know, now, that's a another story."
And the Devil would like nothing more than to
divide the church of Jesus Christ and here's why: if
he can divide us... he can then disrupt us. And if he
can disrupt us... he can then distract us! And if he
can distract us . . . he can render us useless to God.
Divided... Disrupted... Distracted churches are
not growing . . . soul-winning... mission-giving... God-
blessed churches. We may not all play the same
instrument... but we must all stay in the same key!
Well . . . let's see how to get the godly wisdom we
find in the scriptures into the saints! What is
involved? Well... from the book of Proverbs... let me
show you two ways tonight How to Get Along with

Getting Along with Others involves . . .

(1) Guarding you tongue with Persistence.
Proverbs 13.3, "He who guards his mouth preserves
his life, but he who opens wide his l ...

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