by Ernest Easley

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Wisdom for Friendships (2 of 12)
Dr. Ernest L. Easley
Proverbs 12.26
May 6, 2001

Tonight . . . I want to bring a message to all the
children! Haven't they blessed us tonight by their
singing? Now let me say to you boys and girls how well
you sang tonight! Now when I get through with this
message... I hope to say that you not only sang well...
but you sat well!
What I have to say to you tonight from God's Word
can forever change your life! As you grow up . . . there
will be 3 decisions that you will make that will
determine what kind of life you will have.
Decision Number One: the God you choose to
worship. Weather you worship the One true God or some
false god. Weather you receive Jesus or reject Jesus.
Decision Number Two: the person you marry. Much
of the happiness you'll experience depends upon the
person you marry!
Decision Number Three: the friends you choose.
What God you will worship... who you will marry... and
the friends you choose.
And it is that third decision . . . "the friends you
choose"... that I want to talk to you about tonight.
And not only you... but every teenager and adult as
Now the book of Proverbs gives you heavenly wisdom
for earthly problems! And we all need wisdom when it
comes to choosing the right friends.
So... let's all take our Bibles and open them to
Proverbs 18. That is where we are going to begin. In
our time together... I want to raise 3 questions about
First... How do you get a friend? Second... How
do you choose a friend? Third... How do you be a
friend? And the Bible gives us clear answers for those

1. How Do You Get A Friend?
Somebody once said that God gives us relatives,
but thank heaven we can choose our friends!
Proverbs 18.24, "A man who has friends must
himself be friendly." In other words... before you get
a friend . . . you must be a friend! Don't sit around
wonde ...

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