by Ernest Easley

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Wisdom for Parenting (1 of 12)
Got Wisdom?
Dr. Ernest L. Easley
Proverbs 23
April 29, 2001

We are beginning a new summer series tonight under the heading of Got Wisdom? Now if you are in need of knowledge . . . the library will help you. But if it is wisdom you are needing . . . the library may get you started... but you're going to need more than the library! For you see... real wisdom . . . practical wisdom . . . life-changing wisdom comes not from the local library but from the Living Lord! And how we need godly, practical, helpful wisdom!

Well... in the Bible... God has given us a book for wisdom. It is found right in the middle of your Bible. And during the next several Sunday nights... we're going to learn how to get what is found in the middle of our Bibles into the middle of our lives!

On my computer... it is possible to transfer a file from the hard drive onto a floppy disc. Well... that's what we're going to be doing on Sunday nights. We're going to be transferring files from our Hard Drive (the Bible) onto our floppy disc (into our life)!

Anybody here need wisdom for parenting? Well... if you are a parent you need some wisdom and a lot of it!

What about wisdom for choosing friends? Every boy and girl and teenager needs to be here next Sunday night as we receive some wisdom for choosing friends!

What about you wives or husbands? I know you need wisdom! What about you businessmen and women? Do you need any wisdom for success?

Well... we're going to cover these topics and more as we gain godly, practical wisdom!

Got Wisdom? Well... that's what the book of Proverbs is all about! And Sunday night after Sunday night... from the book of Proverbs... we're going to gain some practical and powerful wisdom that I pray will forever change your life... your marriage... your home... your business... and your relationships!

Tonight... we are thinking about... Wisdom for Parenting! And in doing so... we're going to disco ...

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