by Ernest Easley

"The Poison of Pornography"
1 Thessalonians 4.3-6
September 3, 2000
Dr. Ernest L. Easley

Now as you are turning to the book of 1st
Thessalonians, let me tell you that living for Jesus
is like swimming up stream! For if the Devil cannot
have your allegiance ... he will try to get your
attention. And if you are not careful...he will turn
your attention into an addiction! And once you are
addicted...once he gets you hooked...he has you living
in bondage!

I don't know anything worse than for a child of God to
be living in bondage! If you are in bondage to
something...I can you tell that you are missing out on
God's best! Jesus came to set you free from bondage!

And that tells me that if you are a child of God and
in bondage, it is only because you have taken your
eyes off of Jesus! You cannot be focused on Jesus and
filled with His Spirit and live in bondage!

Listen to Jeremiah 5.25, "And your sins have withheld
good things from you." What a miserable existence:
Living in bondage and missing His blessing!

An addiction, according to one man, "is an appetite
that begs to be fed. It won't stop pleading until I
satisfy it. And then, it's only silent for awhile."

And listen to the testimony of one woman who said that
an addiction "is something that is on my mind almost
all the time. If I'm awake, I'm either feeling guilty
about what I've done, thinking about doing what I
shouldn't, or doing it."

There is an addiction, a bondage that is destroying
lives and dividing homes and degrading woman. What
the world is calling it "pleasure" the Word is calling
"poison." The world says it is harmless but the Bible
calls it harmful! I am talking about the poison of
pornography! Does the Bible say anything about
pornography? And if so, then what does it say? What
does God have to say to this generation about
pornography? Well, from the Word of God, I want to
show you what God says ...

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