by Ernest Easley

1 Timothy 6.3-12
January 23, 2000
Dr. Ernest L. Easley

You will find throughout the Bible several titles for
the people of God. And every title describes the
relationship we have with God. For instance, we bear
the title: "the salt of the world."

Matthew 5.13, "You are the salt of the earth." And as
the salt of the earth, we're to be slowing down decay
around here. God wants us adding flavor to our
community. And if our community morally decays, it
will be our fault for not preserving it.

In Matthew 5.14, "You are the light of the world."
What a title! What a responsibility! We're to be so
full of Jesus, so full of the Holy Spirit, that He
shines through us! We're to be the light in a world
that's living in the dark!

We find another title we bear in 1 Timothy chapter 6.
Look there if you will for a few minutes tonight. The
title is found in verse 11, "But you, O man of God..."
It's found again in 1 Timothy 3.17, "that the man of
God may be complete, thoroughly equipped for every
good work."

Now, it's one thing to be called "the salt of the
earth" and "the light of the world." But to be called
a "man of God"? How do we live as a man of God? And
by the way, this title is for the women too! This
word translated "man" speaks of belonging to man. And
the Bible says that we're all "in Adam." It has the
idea of "mankind."

Now having said that... can we live as men and women
of God? Is it possible? If so, then how do we do it?
What are the Guidelines for Godly Living? Well,
that's what I want to show you tonight from God's

"Guidelines for Godly Living"

1 Timothy 6.11-12

"But you, O man of God..." God has given us His name
to bear! Now, why would God do that? Why would He
give us His name to bear? In order to lead those
around us to Him, that's why! So that when people see
us, hear us, watch us, follow us, that we'll point

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