by Ernest Easley

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Trouble at the Dinner Table (5 of 15)
Series: The Lord of Liberty
Ernest L. Easley
Galatians 2:11-14

We are going through the book of Galatians on these Sunday nights and tonight is no exception! So join me in Galatians chapter two.

Verse by verse and chapter by chapter, the Apostle Paul drives home the truth that Jesus Christ is the Lord of Liberty! And whatever has you in bondage tonight, I want you to know that Jesus Christ can set you free!

And it is that freedom, that liberty, that Paul is writing about to the church at Galatia! You see, there were some people called the ''Judaizers'' that had slipped into the church. The ''Judaizer'' said, ''Unless you are circumcised according to the customs of Moses, you cannot be saved'' (Acts 15.1).

In other words, the Judaizers were trying to lead to the church members out of the liberty of grace and back into the bondage of the Law! And do you know how this freedom fighter responded? By directing them to the ''gospel.''

All through chapter One he talks about the gospel. In chapter two verse 5 he talks about ''the truth of the gospel.'' The gospel is the good news that we are sinners, guilty before Holy God, under the judgment of God and that we may be pardoned only by His grace on the basis of the death, burial, and resurrection of His Son Jesus Christ and not for any works we have done!

Now, that is a mouthful! But the Judaizer would listen to that and say, ''Something is missing: the Law of Moses!'' Folks, whenever somebody starts adding something to Jesus for salvation, you've got yourself a heresy! It is a dangerous thing to mess around with the gospel! Remember the salvation equation: Jesus + Nothing = Salvation!

The gospel of Jesus Christ is not spelled ''do'', it is spelled ''done.'' It is not based on what you ''do'' , it is based on what He has ''done.''

Well, tonight we come to chapter 2.11. After Paul tells them what happened in Jerusalem in the first ten verses of chapter two,. ...

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