by Ernest Easley

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God's Rescue Mission (1 of 15)
Series: The Lord of Liberty
Ernest L. Easley
Galatians 1:1-5

We are beginning a new series of messages tonight that I pray will deepen your faith and delight your soul! Join me in the New Testament book of Galatians.

The Apostle Paul began the church at Galatia during one of his missionary journeys. And now we find him writing them from a troubled heart! And the reason Paul was so deeply troubled was because of the Judaizers. Oh, beware of the Judaizers for they are still among us today!

You say, "Pastor, what is a Judaizer anyway?" Well, in Paul's day, a Judaizer was a person who tried to entice Christians back into the Jewish religious system! They were saying, "All right, it is O.K. if you want to follow Jesus! But knowing God involves more than Jesus, you must still follow the Law of Moses!" In other words, the Judaizers tried to lead the church members out of the liberty of grace back into the bondage of the Law!

The Judaizers were saying: Faith + Law = Salvation. And Paul answered back: Faith + Nothing = Salvation! The Judaizers were saying that Jesus alone was not enough for salvation! That there was more to it than just Jesus!

And some of the church members were buying into it! And may I say that there are still church members buying into it and do you know why? Because it appeals to their flesh!

Friend, do you know how you as a sinful person can gain the favor of God? You can't! The favor of God is not Jesus + the Law! It is Jesus + nothing! Jesus is all we need for salvation! Jesus is all we need for satisfaction! Jesus is all we need for sanctification! It's not Jesus + this or Jesus + that! It is Jesus and Jesus alone!

It's not Jesus + works. It's not Jesus + ceremony. It's not Jesus + baptism. It's not Jesus + anything! It is Jesus alone!

"Saved by the blood of the Crucified One! All hail to the Father, all hail to the Son, All hail to the Spirit, the great Three in One! Saved by the blood ...

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