by Ernest Easley

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"The Diversity of Gifts" (Pt. VII)
Romans 12.8; Ephesians 4.11
March 12, 2000
Dr. Ernest L. Easley

For several weeks now we've been learning about God's
Gifts of Grace! We've talked about the Definition of
these Grace Gifts. That they are special abilities
given to us when we invite Jesus Christ into our

And why did he give us these gifts? To build up the
body of Christ! To strengthen the body of Christ!
Not to promote yourself, but to prosper the church.

Then we took a careful look at the Description of
these Grace Gifts. The Holy Spirit distributes these
gifts as He wills. That tells us that every child of
God has at least one grace gift. And God wants you to
discover your gift so that you can begin using it to
prosper the church!

Now having seen the Definition and Description of
these Grace Gifts, we've spent the last few Sundays
unwrapping these gifts as we've seen the Diversity of
these gifts.

What we commenced several weeks ago we're concluding
today as we unwrap the last three gifts. So take your
Bible and join me in the New Testament book of Romans
chapter 12.

Look down to verse 8 as we consider,

"The Diversity of Gifts"

Romans 12.3-8

Verse 8, ". . . he who shows mercy, with
cheerfulness." The 18th grace gift the Bible mentions
is the supernatural gift of "mercy."

"...he who shows mercy, with cheerfulness." So . . .
what is the grace gift of "mercy?" Well, the word
translated "mercy" means to pity or have compassion.
The person with the gift of mercy has the supernatural
capacity to express compassion and care to those in
need. Those with the gift of mercy shows kindness to
those around them.

Let me show you how we need you to use your gift
around here. Let's take a little survey this morning.
Now you be honest, O.K.? Who in this building has a
burden this morning? What about distress?

I mean, you're greatly worrie ...

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