by Ernest Easley

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"The Diversity of Gifts" (Part 1 of 3)
Romans 12.3-8
February 20, 2000
Dr. Ernest L. Easley

For several weeks now we've been thinking about God's
Gift's of Grace. We've talked about the definition of
these gifts. They are special abilities given to us
by the Holy Spirit when we're saved for the purpose of
building up the body of Christ. We receive our
spiritual gifts on the same basis of our salvation:

We don't work for these gifts. We don't earn these
gifts. We don't even deserve these gifts. They're
given to us by the grace of God!

But not only the definition of these gifts, we've
learned some things about the description of these
gifts. We find in the Bible that grace gifts are
Spiritual Gifts.

The Holy Spirit assigns them out to us. He decides
who gets what gift. And He knows how much of each
gift we need around here to fulfill the plan and
purposes of God.

The Bible also describes these gifts as Service Gifts.
Paul says in 1 Corinthians 12.7, "But the
manifestation of the Spirit is given to each one for
the profit of all." And the word translated "profit"
(sumphero) literally means "to bring together"). It
refers to bringing together a group of people for the
benefit of others.

Your grace gift was intended by God to be used for the
benefit of others! That's why if you're not using
your spiritual gift, you're hindering the work of God!
You're also being a hindrance in the life of those
around you!

You ask, "How can that be?" Well, because God gave
you at least one spiritual gift to benefit others!
And if you're not using your spiritual gift, those
around you are missing out and so are you!

So, these grace gifts are Spiritual Gifts, Service
Gifts . . . and they are Supernatural Gifts. What
makes them supernatural? The Holy Spirit! He is the
giver of these gifts and whatever He gives is always

Now having s ...

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