by Ernest Easley

The Miracle of Rock Forming
Dr. Ernest L. Easley
John 1.35-42
November 28, 1999

This morning we learned some things about throwing rocks.
Now tonight .. we're thinking about becoming rocks!

So take your Bible and join me in John's gospel, chapter 1.
We're thinking tonight about The Miracle of Rock Forming! For
once you come to know the Lord Jesus Christ through salvation,
God begins the miracle of rock forming!

Did you know that God's in the process of making you into a
rock? Not a literal rock .. though I've met a few folks whose heads
remind me of a rock. Not a literal rock .. but a rock-like character:
strong .. solid, stable .. and sure!

And folks .. rocks are not formed over night! In fact, forming
rocks take a lot time, heat, and pressure. The World Book
Encyclopedia informs us that "metamorphic rocks are caused by
melted rock deep within the earth, pressure and heat. All kinds of
rocks have gone through this process."

And we're going see tonight from the life of ole Simon Peter
(the original Rocky) .. that God still uses pressure and heat in
building us into rock-like people! People that are solid .. strong ..
stable .. and sure!

The Miracle of Rock Forming! Now I want to tell you ahead
of time, that for God to make you solid and strong and stable and a
sure Rock... that you have to cooperate with God!

Well .. let's see how God turned Simon into Peter and what
He uses today to do the same with us. I want to begin reading in
John 1 verse 35 as we think together about ...

"The Miracle of Rock Forming"
John 1.35-42

So .. how did Jesus take a Simon and turn him into a Rock?
The same way He does it with us! To begin with, we read here that


So how did the Lord capture this fisherman?

-through His promise. (v.42)

Verse 42, "And he brought him to Jesus." Who did? His
brother Andrew! Whenever you read about Andrew .. he's alw ...

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