by Ernest Easley

How to Walk Worthy of His Name
Dr. Ernest L. Easley
Ephesians 4.1-3, 31-32
November 14, 1999

The name Alexander the Great is found recorded throughout
history books. History tells us that he was a very strict and
disciplined leader. While out in the field of battle, one of his
soldiers got out of line. In fact, it was so severe that he was
brought before Alexander the Great!

You can imagine the fear and dread in the heart of this
soldier knowing he was being brought before this great leader.
Well .. as he stood before Alexander the Great, this great leader
looked him in the eyes and asked, "Soldier, what's your name?"
With hesitation .. he said, "Sir, my name is Alexander."

"Alexander?" he asked. "That's my name and you're
behaving like that? Soldier, you either change your name or
change your conduct."

I believe there are times when God wants to call us in to ask,
"What's your name?" And we say, "Christian, Sir." And then for
God to say, "Christian? With your behavior? Either change your
name or change your conduct."

In our time together tonight .. I want to show you from the
Word of God how to walk worthy of His name! Once Christ comes
to dwell within you, you forever bear His name: Christian .. which
means little Christ's!

Folks, His reputation is bound up in you and me! That tells
me that Christ's reputation is at risk every day you go to work,
every day you go to school!

Jesus said, "If you've seen Me, you've seen the Father." In
other words, "if you want to know what the Father's like, just look at
me." And in the same way, "if you want to know what Jesus is like,
just look at me." Weather you like it or not .. the people in this city
are watching you to see the truth about Jesus! And I'm just
wondering: are you telling the truth about Jesus these days?

Some of the worst enemies of Jesus are His own followers!
Those in our city without a relationship wit ...

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