by Ernest Easley

How to Get Dressed for Battle
Ernest L. Easley
Ephesians 6:10-20

I just wonder, how many saints do we have here tonight? Just raise your hand! How wonderful to see so many saints here for worship.

Now let me ask you saints a question. How many of you saints are soldiers? Thank you. Now learn this: every child of God, every saint is a soldier! We've all been drafted! And do you know why you've been drafted? I'll tell you why: because there is a war on!

You see, the Christian life is not a playground, it's a battleground! There's a war on! But I'll let you in on a secret: victory is ours! That's right! Victory is ours. You see, we're not fighting toward victory, we're fighting from victory! Our enemy is a defeated enemy and he knows it!

But while the victory is ours, our enemy tries to bring us down along the way! He's out to discourage you. He's out to discredit you. He's out to disqualify you. And ultimately, He's out to destroy you.

Now that's what Paul's talking about in the sixth chapter of the book of Ephesians. So I invite every soldier to take God's Word and join me in Ephesians chapter 6. It's from this chapter that I want to show you how to get dressed for the battle. I want to show you how you can experience daily victory over temptation! How you can experience daily victory over your enemy.

Now, to experience daily victory, to get dressed for the battle, the first thing you must know is ..


Every Christian has an enemy. Now, somebody asks, ''I thought when I was saved that I was set free from the Devil.'' Well, in one sense you were. I mean, when Jesus steps into your life, you were set free from the Devil's hell. But you're not set free from the Devil's harassment's. In fact, do you know who the Devil enjoys harassing the most? A new Christian. Somebody whose recently met Jesus in salvation.

You see, salvation is not the end of your struggle, it's just the beginning! But be of good cheer, ''He who ...

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