by Ernest Easley

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The Experience of Worship (1 of 5)
Series: Worship That Counts
Dr. Ernest L. Easley
Acts 2.42-47

Now with Bible in hand, join me in the New Testament book of Acts. And once you're there, turn please to the second chapter. Acts chapter two!

I heard about two men who went into business together. One man's name was Jim Heart and the man's name was Paul Head. Mr. Heart and Mr. Head.

So what do you think they called their new business? ''Head and Heart.'' Well, not long after that began, tragedy struck. Heart died.

At the funeral, a friend of the family in referring to their business said, ''Poor Heart has died and left Head alone.''

Friend, when it comes to Worship, I'm afraid that Poor Heart had died and left Head alone! And I want to suggest that we need to resurrect Ole Heart! We need to put our Heart back into worship!

Well .. that's what I want to talk to you about this morning and for the next couple of Sunday mornings: Worship That Counts! Too many of us are more interested in counting those in worship than having a worship that counts!

That's not how it was in the early church. The early church as recorded in the book of Acts was a Loving Church, Learning Church .. Evangelistic Church, and a Worshipping Church.

And I pray that in the next few weeks together .. that we can learn how to make our worship count! Now look with me to Acts chapter 2. I want to teach you this morning from God's Word about ''The Experience of Worship.'' And then next Sunday morning .. we're going to learn about ''The Expressions of Worship.'' And then we'll wrap up this study by learning some things about ''The Expectations of Worship.''

You will not want to miss these messages under the heading: Making Worship Count! Now having said that .. let's begin reading in Acts 2. 42, as we think together about ...

''The Experience of Worship'' Acts 3.42-47

Here we read that the early church was not only a praying church .. they were a praising church! ...

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