by Ernest Easley

How To Experience A Fresh Touch from God
Dr. Ernest L. Easley
August 29, 1999
Eph. 4.30; 1 Thess. 5.19; Gal. 5.16

Isn't it wonderful being here tonight? Well listen friend, as wonderful as it
is, did you know that there is something more wonderful than being here

You ask, "Pastor, what could be better than being in the house of God
tonight?" Well I'm glad you asked. Better than being in the house of God
tonight is being here and experiencing a fresh touch from God! We need
to be like Jacob when he wrestled with the angel of God and said, "I will
not let you go until you bless me."

Jacob, like many of you, was in need of a fresh touch from God. He
needed the joy back into his life. He needed the peace back into his life.
He longed for the wind of God to move across his life!

And I dare say that across this building tonight are some men and women
and boys and girls that need the wind of God to move across their lives
too! Oh, what you would give to experience a fresh touch from God

We're so much like the citizens of that community I read about this week
that had a spring whose waters contained a chemical that could heal

Over a period of time, houses sprang up around the spring. Then hotels
were built. Then stores were built. And eventually, a town grew into a

There then came the day when visitors would ask, "Where is the spring
from which this town grew?" Those who now lived in the city would say,
"I'm sorry that I cannot tell you, but somehow, in the midst of our progress
and improvements, we've lost sight of the spring and now no one knows
where it is."

And today, First Baptist Church has beautiful buildings; we've got a big
budget and wonderful programs. We've got a large choir and trained
musicians, and it's easy for us to lose sight of the spring: our source for
life! And of course that source is the Lord Jesus Christ.

The truth is, some of ...

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