by Ernest Easley

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How to Win Over Worry
Dr. Ernest L. Easley
April 19, 1999
Matthew 6

I want to invite you to take God's Word and join me in the gospel of
Matthew. Once you find it, turn please to chapter 6. Matthew 6.

Now from God's Word, I want to show you how you can win over
worry!! God's antidote for anxiety! From the Word of God, you're going
to learn today how to leave the wilderness of worry and enter into the
palace of peace!

That's what Jesus is talking about beginning in verse 24. God has
the answer for your anxiety! He has a word about your worry! And I don't
know a more practical subject today than worry! It has become the
favorite American past time. And don't think you're exempt.

The rich worry about tomorrow because they have money and they're
afraid they'll lose it. The poor worry about tomorrow because they don't
have money and don't know how they'll manage. The educated worry
about tomorrow because they know so much to worry about. The
uneducated worry about tomorrow because they don't know what to worry
about. The young worry about tomorrow because they wonder how they
are going to keep on living for 50 more years. The old worry about
tomorrow because they don't know if they'll live through the week. Ours is
the age of anxiety!

I want for you what the apostle Paul wanted for the members of the
First Baptist Church in Corinth when he said in 1 Corinthians 7.32, "I want
you to be free from all worries."

Now with that in mind, look if you will for a few minutes to Matthew
6 as we learn from God's Word

"How To Win Over Worry"
Matthew 6.24-34

Now look up here for a minute. Do you worry? All right. Now let
me ask you another question. Has your worry ever done any good? Has
your worry ever paid a single bill or earned a dollar. Worry has never
lifted any burden nor dried any tear. At best, worry is useless!

Worry is like a good rocking chair. It will give you somethin ...

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