by Ernest Easley

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How the Work Began In Thessalonica
Dr. Ernest L. Easley
August 18, 1999
Acts 17.1-9

Tonight we're beginning a new study through the book of I Thessalonians.
So, take your Bible and join me in the book of Acts!!

Now you say, "Pastor, you have been gone a long time haven't you? If
we're starting the book of 1st Thessalonians, why would we turn to the book of

And that's a very good question. And there is a very good answer! Before
we take a look at what was taking place in the church at Thessalonica, I want us
to back up and see how the church began. And that's recorded in the 17 th
chapter of the book of Acts.

So, we're going to start in Acts 17 where we find the Apostle Paul and his
side kick Silas on their Second Missionary Journey.

Now in Acts 16, Paul and Silas were beaten and thrown into prison at
Philippi. Now they had already seen a woman named Lydia come to know Jesus.
In fact, Acts 16:15, tells us that her household was saved!

Then they saw the jailer converted in one of my favorite accounts beginning
in verse 25 and following. Verses 30-31, "Sirs, what must I do to be saved? So
they said, "Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and you will be saved, you and your

They had already seen how Lydia's salvation had influenced her family and
how they too were all saved. And now they tell the jailer that he too can be saved
along with his household! Isn't it wonderful to see families come to know Jesus?
And do you know how that happens? Well, I can tell you how it happened to
Lydia's family and the Jailer's family: somebody told them about Jesus!

Everywhere Paul went he was telling those around him about Jesus. You
see, prospects for Jesus are everywhere. They're at the grocery stores. They're
at the restraunts! Sometimes they come to you! Like the plumber and the air
conditioner man! And how I pray that we'll be faithful to give a witness to them as
th ...

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