by Ernest Easley

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Dr. Ernest L. Easley
1 Thessalonians 1.5-10
September 15, 1999

We're continuing our study through the book of
1st Thessalonians. The city of Thessalonica was a
Roman colony located about 100 miles west of
Philippi. You can go there today under the name

You will remember that Paul established a
church there while on his second missionary journey.
And I'm sure when word spread that Paul was going
to start a church there .. that people laughed. I can
hear somebody say, "Thessalonica? That pagan
pool! It will never happen!"

Because is was a godless city it was a great city
to start a church! Think of the prospects!! You talk
about great possibilities! On every block there was a
prospect for Jesus!

I was visiting with a lady just the other day
about her new job. It with great reservation she said,
"Pastor, I believe I'm the only Christian in the
shop. I hope I don't have to stay there long." I said,
"Well, I hope you stay there long enough to bring
some of them to Jesus." Friend .. why do you think
God places us in those situations? Well .. I'll tell you
why! To be a witness for Jesus! To share Jesus with
them! To invite them to worship to hear the gospel

When Paul and Silas arrived in Thessalonica ..
they were it! And what they did was simple! They
preached according to Acts 17.3, "This Jesus whom
I preach to you is the Christ." And some of them
were persuaded and a church began!!

What was true in Thessalonica is true in
Odessa, Texas! We have prospects for Jesus on
every block! We have an army across this city and I
pray God that we'll continue reaching out to them in
Jesus name.

I believe we have a wonderful opportunity these
days for reaching people. With our prayer meetings
growing week by week...seeing large numbers of
people visiting our services week by week...God
has opened a window for u ...

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