by Ernest Easley

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The Dream Church of Every Pastor
Dr. Ernest L. Easley
1 Thessalonians 1.1-9
September 1, 1999

We're continuing our study of the book of 1st
Thessalonians. So .. take your Bible and join me
there. You will remember that Paul and Silas
established this church while on their second
missionary journey. And like every God-blessed
church .. it was built on soul winning!

Now Paul was not some fly by night evangelist.
Now he did the work of the evangelist just like we're
to do the work of the evangelist. Acts 17.3,
"explaining and demonstrating that the Christ had
to suffer and rise again from the dead, saying, 'This
Jesus whom I preach to you is the Christ."

Those two missionaries presented Jesus to them as the
Christ .. the Messiah .. the Anointed One! And
many of them were saved! Isn't that always the case?
I mean .. whenever and wherever Jesus is presented
...some will be saved! And how we need to
continue sharing Jesus in our city!

But know this...after they came to know the
Lord .. Paul wanted them to become strong in their
faith. He wanted them to be doctrinally sound! He
wanted them strong for the fight!

That's why within these five chapters .. you
find Paul addressing the major doctrines of the
Christian faith: Trinity .. Ministry of the Holy Spirit
.. election .. conversion .. God's judgment on the lost
.. the tribulation of the church .. personal holiness ..
the second coming of Jesus .. prayer and

I was telling some of our young people the
other night that they better now why they believe
what they believe. You better have a greater
foundation of your beliefs than because the Preacher
told you ..or you Sunday School teacher told you ..
or your parents told you. We need to believe what
we believe because God tells us!

Evangelism and Discipleship are the two sides
of the same coin. You can't have one without the
other and be a balanced Chri ...

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