by Ernest Easley

“How To Handle Mistreatment”
Psalm 26.1-8
June 6, 1999
Dr. Ernest L. Easley
Now as your finding Psalm 26 in your Bible . . .
I want to conduct a one question survey this morning.
Now for the survey to be valid .. you must agree to be
honest. Now don’t panic . . . the survey won’t
embarrass you.
So .. if you’re willing to be honest this morning
.. just say “Amen.” All right here’s the survey
question: If you’ve been mistreated or feel that
you’ve been mistreated by somebody recently . . . I
want you to indicate that by raising your right hand.
Now some of you perhaps were mistreated by a
spouse. Perhaps you feel you were mistreated by a
parent! For you . . . it was your boss that mistreated
you. For others . . . you may feel you’ve been
mistreated by somebody in your Sunday School class
or somebody else in the church.
Well . . .. you need to know that mistreatment
can become a malignancy in your life if it’s
mishandled! And if you mishandle times of
mistreatment . . . you’ll be driven by revenge. And
the problem with revenge is that it never gets what it
wants! Revenge never evens the score!
Gandhi was right when he said that “if we live
by 'an eye for an eye’, the whole world will be
blind!” Well .. that’s what I want to talk to you
about this morning: How To Handle Times of
Mistreatment. I want to show you from Psalm 26
what to do when you get mistreated. Not “if” you get
mistreated. But “when” you get mistreated because
it’s just a matter of time.
Well .. that’s what David is talking about here
in Psalm 26. He knew what it was to be mistreated!
He learned how to properly handle it and that’s what
you need to learn . . . and I’ll tell you why: if you
don’t .. you’ll become miserable and unhappy and
you’ll make those around you miserable too. And if
you don’t believe me . . . how many of you like to be
around people that are bitter and unforgiving and full
of resentm ...

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