by Ernest Easley

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America's Affection with Adultery (2 of 5)
Series: There's No Place Like Home
Ernest L. Easley
Proverbs 5-7

Thank you choir! I am so glad to be an American! And yet... I'm sad as an American! Make no mistake about it! I'm glad to be an American and yet I'm sad as an American. For America is entering the new millennium with an affection with adultery. And what's an affection for some is an infection for all. Today, America has a fondness for adultery which we're going to see this morning is fatal!

I don't think there's a person here today or that's watching on television that wouldn't agree that America needs a revival! We say in our pledge that we're ''One Nation Under God'' and yet we're living as though we are ''One Nation Above God.'' By and large... Americans don't won't be under anybody! Not even the God that has so blessed our nation for over 200 years!

We've have somehow forgotten Proverbs 14.34, ''Righteousness exalts a nation, but sin is a reproach to any people.'' America is in trouble today because our homes are in trouble. Our nation is sick because our family life is sick. America will not begin to head in the right direction until our homes head in the right direction! America will not be pure until our homes are pure!

What the prophet Jeremiah said so long ago still holds true today when he said in Jeremiah 23.10, ''For the land is full of adulterers.'' Adultery is shattering lives and is contributing to the downfall of America. And don't think that it's the public schools responsibility to teach your children sex education: that's your responsibility! How thankful I am that God's given us the curriculum for sex education! And a part of that education is found in Proverbs chapter 5.

So... take God's Word and join me in the book of wisdom: Proverbs chapter 5. We find here a strong warning against adultery. Adultery is to our nation what cancer is to a body!

Now somebody says, ''Not me Pastor! I'll never commit adultery.'' Let me ...

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