by Ernest Easley

“The Prayer Life of Jesus”
John 17.1-5
July 25, 1999
Dr. Ernest L. Easley
Beginning next month .. we’re beginning a new
prayer ministry here at First Baptist Church. I am
convinced that God wants us to become a prayer-
driven church! In fact . . . we’ll never reach our
potential without it! And I don’t know about you ..
but I refuse to live beneath my potential!
Think about the lives that will be transformed
through our prayer meetings!! Think about the souls
that will be won through our prayer meetings! Think
about our ministries that will become energized
through our prayer meetings!
Never forget that prayer can do anything that
God can do and God can do anything! I get excited
when I think about the early church as recorded in the
book of Acts. The early church was a prayer-
conditioned church! Prayer was their focus and their
focus was prayer!
God took what little they had and empowered
them to do great things for Him! And for that reason
.. they did so much with so little. Today . . . we’re
doing so little with so much. And for First Baptist
Church to prepare for the new millennium . . . we
must become a prayer-driven church.
So today . . . we’re going to listen in on the
greatest prayer ever prayed! That’s right! The
greatest prayer ever prayed! It’s not a prayer prayed
by a saint! Nor is it a prayer prayed by a sinner!
But it is a prayer prayed by the savior!
And that prayer is recorded in the gospel
according to John. So take your Bible and join me
for a few minutes tonight in John chapter 17. For the
next few Sunday nights . . . we’re going to be learning
some things about the prayer life of Jesus! If we’re
going to become a prayer-driven church .. then we
need to learn some things about prayer. And I don’t
know anybody to learn more about prayer from than
the Lord Jesus Christ.
We’re thinking tonight about . . .
“The Prayer Life of Jesus”
John 17.1-5
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