by Ernest Easley

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JOHN 4.20-24
I heard about two men who went into business.
One man's name was "Jim Heart" and the other man's
name was "Paul Head." Mr. Heart and Mr. Head.
So .. naturally .. they named their company "Head
and Heat." Not long after they began .. tragedy struck:
Heart died. At the funeral .. a friend of the family in
referring to the company said, "Poor Heart had died and
left Head alone."
I'm afraid that much of the time when we come
here to worship ... ol'e Heart has died and has left Head
alone. I want to suggest that we need to resurrected ol'e
Heart! We need to put our heart back into worship.
Worship ought to be alive! Worship ought to be
delightful .. not dead and dreary. When people worship
with us .. they ought to leave saying, "Those people love
Jesus ... those people accept me ... those people are
excited about the things of God."
Now .. I don't know about you .. but when I meet
with God .. it does something deep inside my bones that
makes me want to shout with joy. And yet ... there are
some people who come to worship and look like they've
been sucking on lemons all day long. You know exactly
what I mean.
No joy ... no life ... no excitement .. no smile?
Sometimes I wonder if some folks have teeth? I mean ..
you never see them. In fact ... I sometimes wonder why
some people even bother showing up. If worship made
me feel like some people look ... I don't think I'd show
up either.
Worship in the average Baptist church has become
so formal and stiff that the Holy Spirit has a hard time
moving in the hearts of people.
The truth is we're just selfish. We come to worship
to see what's in it for me. We read our Bible so we
receive a blessing. We pray so that God will fulfill our
wishes. But we're to come here primarily to worship
God. We're to come here to offer him something .. not
just to see what we can get.
We're thinking tonight abou ...

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