by Ernest Easley

God's Special Ministry for Women
Dr. Ernest L. Easley
Titus 2.1-5

As we join others in honoring our mothers today . . . I invite you to take God's Word and turn please to the little New Testament book of Titus. It's found right after 1st and 2nd Timothy. I want to say to all of the women today that God has a special ministry just for you! And He wants every women to discover that special ministry and then to develop that special ministry and then deploy that special ministry. Now you may think that having a Women's Ministry is something new. But you're going to learn this morning that the church on the island of Crete .. Pastored by Brother Titus . . . may be the first to have organized a Women's Ministry!God led them to begin a Women's Ministry for at least three reasons: to have Marriages that were strong, Children that were secure, and a Church that was sound. And God did it through His Special Ministry for Women!

Now Jesus is the great home builder. But the Devil is the great home wrecker! And everything that is dear to God will continue to endure the fiery darts from Hell as we get closer to the second coming of the Lord Jesus Christ. He's going to intensify His attack upon your Marriage. . . your Children . . . and the Church! But let me say that God wants your marriage to be strong! He wants your children to be secure! And He wants His church to be sound! And we find in the second chapter of Titus that the special ministry God's given to women will combat Satan's attacks to save our homes and strengthen our churches!Now having said that . . . I want to show you from Titus 2 God's Special Ministry for Women. Before we read these verses .. let me say a word to the men. I know what you're thinking! You're thinking, ''Well .. this message isn't for me so I'll just put my brain in neutral and sit this one out.'' For some of you men that may not be any different than any other Sunday! Well .. this message is for you and I believe God's going to use it t ...

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