by Ernest Easley

“The Blessed Hope”
Acts 1.3-11
May 16, 1999
Dr. Ernest L. Easley
Now take your Bible and join me in the first
chapter of the book of Acts. It’s from this first
chapter that we’re thinking today about The Blessed
Hope. For Paul tells us in Titus 2.13 to be “looking
for the blessed hope and glorious appearing of our
great God and Savior Jesus Christ.”
The next event on God’s prophetic calendar is
referred to as “the blessed hope” by the apostle Paul.
Now I don’t know what you think about when
thinking about the second coming of the Lord Jesus
Christ . . . but when Paul thought about it . . . he
thought of it as “the blessed hope.”
Now for you . . . our Lord’s return may not be
“the blessed hope.” For the Christian living out of
the will of God . . . our Lord’s return will bring
regret. Oh .. the regret for not having walked the
talk! But at least they’ll be with the Lord.
For the non-believer . . . our Lord’s return will
bring rejection. Someone made the comment to me
the other day that cancer was hell. Friend .. cancer
isn’t hell . . . Hell is Hell. People talk about war being
hell. War isn’t hell . . . Hell is hell. Hell is the
rejection and separation from God. It’s one thing to
be rejected by somebody at school. It’s far worse to
be rejected by the Lord Jesus Christ. But that’s what
finally happens to those who reject Him. Jesus will
say, “Go away, I never knew you.”
So .. for some the second coming will be a time
of regret . . .for others a time of rejection. But for
those living in sweet fellowship with God through a
relationship with Jesus .. our Lord’s return will cause
Regret for some. Rejection for others.
Rejoicing for the rest! Ready or not Jesus is
coming. Just as surely as there was a first coming of
Jesus Christ there is going to be a second coming of
Jesus Christ! He who was born in a barn and died
on a cross and arose from the grave is ...

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