by Ernest Easley

“When Life Crumbles In”
Psalm 46.1-11
October 11, 1998
Dr. Ernest L. Easley
Now as you’re turning to the 46th Psalm . . . I
want to ask you a question. Have you ever had one
of those days when nothing goes right? I mean .. the
kids won’t behave . . .the check book won’t balance
. . .the boss is on your back . . . your blood pressure is
up and your bank account is down?
I’m talking about one of those days when the
only thing that goes off as planned is your alarm
clock? Friend . . . life is as uncertain as a grapefruit’s
squirt! Amen? I mean .. you cut into it and you’re
not for sure where the juice will land!
Sooner or later life will crumble in! Sooner
or later the bottom will fall out! Sooner or later
the landmarks will disappear like financial security ..
employment . . . a parent or a child .. your health!
Soon or later the unexpected will come!
You say, “Wait a minute Ernest! I’m a
Christian! I thought being a Christian exempted
me from all of that.”
Oh is that so? Well .. God’s Word tells us in
Job 14.1, “Man who is born of woman is of few
days and full of trouble.” You need to understand
that knowing the Lord Jesus Christ doesn’t exempt
you from problems . . . but it does ensure you of His
presence and power! I’ve discovered that most of the
time God allows me to endure trouble rather than
escape it!
You say, “But Ernest, if God really loved you
He would have you escape trouble.” Friend ..
because God does love me He allows me to endure it
.. not escape it. It’s during the troubled times
that He molds me and makes me into what He wants
me to become! It’s during those difficult days
that my faith in Him is strengthened and my love for
Him is deepened.
You see .. it’s not the ups and downs of life that
bothers us .. it’s the jerks!
So .. what do you do when life crumbles in on
you? Well .. that’s what I want to talk to you about
this morning because soo ...

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