by Ernest Easley

“The Bible and Believer’s Baptism” (Pt.2)
Mark 1.1-11
May 30, 1999
Dr. Ernest L. Easley
We’re picking up this morning where we left
off last Sunday morning thinking about “The Bible
and Believer’s Baptism.” So .. take God’s Word and
join me in the gospel according to Mark. I want to
begin reading in a moment from chapter 1.
Now somebody says, “Why preach about
baptism? Everybody understands what the Bible
says about that.” Well .. let me say to you that no
everybody understands what the Bible says about
Baptism. What is clear to one is confusing to the
Perhaps you have repented of your sin and
invited Jesus Christ into your life and have not been
baptized. Will you go to Heaven? Should you be
baptized? Do you need to be baptized?
Perhaps you were christened as a baby and now
you’re an adult. Will you go to Heaven because you
were christened? Have you experienced the water
baptism that the Bible teaches?
Last Sunday night . . . one of the ladies in our
church stood here and told how at a young age she
walked this isle and joined the church and then
baptized. But there was never any change in her life.
Her life was dominated by rebellion rather than
distinguished by righteousness. And for years there
was an emptiness in her life until she was 35 years
She told how she got on her knees and repented
of her sin and invited Jesus into her life to save her
and forgive her and her life as never been the same
since. Tonight she’ll experience water baptism since
water baptism takes place after you’re born again.
Well .. we’re going to see this morning from
Mark chapter 1 that water baptism was important to
Jesus and therefore water baptism ought to be
important to us! What He emphasized who are we to
So .. as we pick up where we left off last
Sunday morning . . . we’re thinking about . . .
“The Bible and Believer’s Baptism”
Mark 1.1-11
Last ...

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