by Ernest Easley

“Walking On Water in the Storms of Life”
Matthew 14.22-33
April 25, 1999
Dr. Ernest L. Easley
I hope by now you’ve learned that Victory
comes through the valleys! As wonderful as
mountain tops are . . . God allows us to experience the
valleys for His glory and our good!
That’s where we learn to trust God! That’s
where we learn to depend upon God! That’s where
our faith deepens! That’s when our walk with God
gets closer: in the struggles and storms of life!
And I pray God that if you’ve learned anything
through this series of messages . . . you’ve learned
that Victory Comes Through the Valleys!
Now having said that .. take God’s Word and
turn please to the gospel according to Matthew. The
first book in the New Testament. As we continue our
series this morning . . . I want to show you from the
14th chapter how you can walk on water in the storms
of life for some of you are in a storm these days. It
may be a spiritual storm. For others it is a financial
storm. For you it is a marital storm. Perhaps it is a
physical storm. The wind and waves are crashing
against you and you feel like your going under.
That’s how the disciples felt one night out on
the Sea of Galilee. And as you’re finding Matthew
14 .. I want you to know that the disciples learned
some things about the Lord Jesus while in the storm
that they would have missed on the shore. And God
doesn’t want you wasting any storm that comes your
way. He wants you to invest it in learning more
about Him.
So as we begin reading . . . our prayer ought to
be, “Lord .. you know the storm I’m facing. After
all .. You allowed it to come my way for a reason. I
ask you this morning from your Word to give me
strength for the storm and to teach me what You
want me to know.” And if you’ll make that your
prayer . . . God’s going to use these next few minutes
to give you hope and help as you face the ...

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