by Ernest Easley

“The Carpenter from Nazareth”
Mark 6.1-6; Luke 4.16-30
May 2, 1999
Dr. Ernest L. Easley
The first four books of the New Testament are
referred to as “the gospels” and for good reason. The
word “gospel” means “good news.” And Matthew,
Mark, Luke, and John are all about the good news of
the Lord Jesus Christ.
Aren’t you glad today that with all the bad news
around . . . that you can come to the House of God
and open the Word of God to hear a Message from
God that’s good news!
Well .. the good news message this morning is
found in Mark chapter 6. So .. take your Bible and
join me in the second book of the New Testament:
the gospel according to Mark. It’s here we find
recorded the last time Jesus visited his home town of
Now you would think that a hometown hero
like Jesus would have been welcomed with flags
waving and trumpets blowing! You would think the
Mayor of Nazareth would present Jesus with the Key
to the City and read a proclamation. Perhaps even
declare a Jesus Day!
But as you’re about to discover . . . rather than
receiving Him . . . they rejected Him. That always
happens when Jesus shows up!! He’s either accepted
or rejected. He’s either welcomed in or run out of
town. And you too must decide either for or against
Jesus Christ.
Now the citizens of Nazareth would accept
Jesus as the Carpenter . . . but they would not accept
Him as the Christ. They would accept Him as the
son of Mary .. but they would not accept Him as the
Son of God.
Well .. it’s from Mark 6 that I want to talk to
you this morning about . . ..
“The Carpenter from Nazareth”
Mark 6.1-6
Now as Jesus arrives back to the town where He
had grown up . . . the first thing He finds is . . .
Mark tells us in verse 2 that on the day of
worship .. Jesus was at the place of worship: the
synagogue! This was the same place his parents
took him to worship as a ...

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