by Ernest Easley

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No. 5 Beware of Imposters..Imposters Beware (5 of 5)
Ernest Easley

May I tell you tonight that God has a special
delivery just for you and it's found right here in the Word
of God! God wants you reading your mail! So take your
Bible and turn please to the book of Jude.
We've been enjoying God's little postcards .. those
4 one-chapter books on these Sunday nights. Who can
name those 4 one-chapter books in the New Testament?
Philemon .. 2 John .. 3 John .. Jude! Very good!
Now for several weeks we've been studying with great
interest the book of Jude. Here is a book with only 25
verses and we have seen that they are 25 verses of
dynamite! Jude's little postcard is both a warning and a
call to arms! Jude warns us of a potential problem for
every Bible-believing, Spirit-filled, Soul-winning
church! The problem of apostasy!
Now .. do you remember what an apostate is?
Well .. that's somebody who at one time professed to be
a Christian. They received the gospel but they never
received the Lord. They joined the church without being
born again. They walked an isle and met the pastor
without having met the master.
But after receiving the gospel .. they rejected the
gospel. And if that's not bad enough .. after receiving the
gospel and then rejecting the gospel .. they ridicule the
gospel. They mock the gospel .. they mock the church ..
they mock the ministry! They ridicule the gospel!
But their not through yet! An apostate not only
receives the gospel and then rejects the gospel and then
ridicules the gospel .. then they replace the gospel.
So .. Jude has been describing apostates so that we
can detect them among us! And don't you think for a
second that First Baptist Church is immuned from
apostates! The Devil would like nothing more than to
slip a few rocks in this river of love! He would like
nothing more than to divide and destroy this fellowship.
He would like nothin ...

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