by Ernest Easley

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No. 4 Beware of Imposters..Imposters Beware (4 of 5)
Ernest Easley

For several Sunday nights now we've been
thinking together under the general heading: God's
Special Delivery. God has signed .. sealed ... and
delivered four one-chapter books for us in the New
Testament. I think of them as postcards. They are brief
yet beneficial. They are short .. yet significant! And
God has delivered them to you through the scriptures and
I pray God that you're reading your mail.
Take God's Word and turn please to God's special
postcard named Jude! This little postcard has only 25
verses .. but their 25 verses of dynamite.
Now remember ... in these one-chapter books ..
God gives us the essentials. Like when you're on
vacation this summer and you drop somebody a postcard
in the mail. You don't give them every detail of the
meal. I mean .. you don't tell them the color of the paint
and the type of carpet ... how many choices of fish and
steak were on the menu .. the name of the waiter and the
choices of desert.
Oh no! You just say, "Mom, we went to a nice
restraint on the beach." You just give the essentials
when writing a postcard. That's what you find in these
four one-chapter books.
Now tonight .. we're continuing our study through
Jude's little postcard. You will remember that Jude
sounds an alarm to the church and warns us of a
dangerous problem that can become a deadly problem to
us. The problem of apostasy!
Now .. what's an apostate? Well .. that's somebody
who at one time professed to be a Christian. They
received the gospel .. but they didn't receive the Lord.
They joined the church without being born again.
But after receiving the gospel .. they reject it. But
that's not all! After they receive the gospel and then
reject the gospel .. their not through. Their not content
by simply receiving the gospel and rejecting the gospel.
Next they ridicule the gospel.
Now y ...

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