by Ernest Easley

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No. 2 Beware of Imposters..Imposters Beware (2 of 5)
Ernest Easley

Take God's Word tonight and join me in the book
of Jude. For several weeks now we have been enjoying
these four one-chapter books in the New Testament. I
think of them as God's special postcards for their brief ..
yet beneficial. They are short .. yet significant! They are
concise .. yet clear!
I received a postcard this past week from my wife
Julie. She wrote it from New York as she traveled with
our youth choir. Now ... she had more to say than what
she wrote. But .. she penned the essentials! And that's
what we find in these four one-chapter books: The
essentials for Christian living!
Now last time together we read with great interest
the first four verses of Jude's little postcard. Jude sounds
an alarm to the church because he warns us of a
dangerous problem .. the problem of apostasy!
Now what is apostasy? What is an apostate? Well
.. an apostate is a person who says they believe in the
things of God. They believe in the Lord in their head ..
but it never reaches their heart!
The apostate is the lost church member! They act
saved .. they look saved .. they even talk saved .. but they
are not saved. And at some point in time they walk away
from the faith. They defect from the faith and in the
process .. they rip and ruin the fellowship of the local
church and the body of Christ!
You say, "Oh, you mean those who were saved and
then lost their salvation?" Oh no! They didn't lose their
salvation! They never had it! The Bible says, "Had
they been of us, they would no doubt have continued
with us."
And so .. the book of Jude is both a warning and it
is a call to arms! Now .. the Devil has tried to stop God's
work one of two ways: One way is through persecution
and sometimes he does stop the church by persecution ..
but not real Christians. When real Christians are
persecuted ... when the Devil tr ...

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