by Ernest Easley

“When Detours Lead to Valleys”
Genesis 37-50
March 21, 1999
Dr. Ernest L. Easley
As you’re finding the 37th chapter of the book
of Genesis . . . I want to ask you a question. Have you
ever taken a detour? I mean . . . you didn’t ask for it!
Nor did you anticipate it! Yet you found yourself
detoured off the main road!
Well .. not all detours take you to the mountain
top! In fact . . . much of the time they lead you into a
valley! That’s what happened to young Joseph! And
if you have a personal relationship with God through
Jesus . . . you can anticipate God interrupting your
plans from time to time!
Now you ask, “Pastor, why would God
interrupt my plans? Why would God place a detour
in my life .. especially when it takes me into a valley
of uncertainty and struggle?” I’ll tell you why! To
fulfill His plan for your life!
God shows you things while in the valley that
you would never see on the mountain top! There are
some things you cannot see until it gets dark. Stars
for instance cannot be seen during the day .. only
during the darkness. And there are some things
you’ll never see until God interrupts your life with a
detour that takes you into a valley!
God also teaches you truths while in the valley
that you never learn while on the mountain top! It’s
while in the valley you learn just how faithful God is
to His children. It’s while in the valley you learn
how faithful God is to His Word! No wonder God
hands us detours! He uses them to carry out His plan
and purposes!
Friend .. it will be a great day in your life when
you learn that valleys are for His glory and your
good! It’s while in the valley that God molds you
into a complete, finished trophy of His grace! That
doesn’t happen while you’re on the mountain top!
Those kinds of life-changing experiences take place
down in the valley!
In fact .. the next time you head to the
mou ...

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