by Ernest Easley

Fears, Floods, and Fires
Ernest L. Easley
Isaiah 43:1-3

Well, I have some wonderful news for you this morning!! The parade of preachers is coming to an end! Now - it's not that the parade hasn't been colorful. And it's not that the parade hasn't been helpful - but it's now time we begin moving forward once again as pastor and people!

I have spent the last five months living in the valley of the shadow of death. Now if I had a choice, I'd rather have been living on one the mountain tops of life. But sooner or later friend, you're going to find yourself face to face with a valley experience.

It may be the valley of depression. The valley of fear. The valley of wounded relationships. The valley of loneliness. The valley of financial threat. The valley of sickness.

You say, ''Pastor, I'm not in the valley, I'm on the mountain top.'' Wonderful! But may I tell you that chances are great that a valley is right around the corner. And that's not being a pessimist, that's being a realist! Valleys are a part of life.

Just as there are mountain tops, there are valleys and you can know that God uses them both for his glory and your good!

Now this morning - we're beginning a new series of messages under the heading: Victory Comes through the Valleys. How wonderful that God reveals Himself afresh to those who find themselves living in one of life's valleys. In fact - from this series of messages you're going to learn that there are some things God cannot teach you until you find yourself in the valley. Victory Comes through the Valleys!

What a mighty God we have! He can turn a crucifixion into a resurrection! Our God can turn a problem into a platform for praise! He can turn a sorrow into a song! He can turn a hurt into a hallelujah! He can turn a valley into a victory.

That's important because across this city there are hurts in every home. In all our churches there's a pains on every pew! And you need not despair when you find yourself in a valley bec ...

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