by Ernest Easley

Victory Comes through the Valleys
Series: How To Survive When Your World Unravels
Ernest L. Easley
Habakkuk 1-3

Now take your Bible and open it to the table of contents. You'll find there the books of Bible listed in alphabetical order. Look down the list to the books beginning with the letter ''H.'' The first one listed is Habakkuk (sometimes pronounced : Habakkah, Habakook).

We not only struggle pronouncing it and locating it, we know very little about it! So .. let's begin by finding the page number the book of Habakkuk appears in your Bible and then turn there please.

Habakkuk is considered a minor prophet but He is anything but minor in meaning! He is the doubting Thomas of the Old Testament and for good reason! He looked around and saw his world falling apart and doubted if God cared about him!

You may be like Habakkuk this morning with your own doubts. I mean, you're world is falling apart and you've prayed for God's help, you've prayed for God's healing . . .and it doesn't seem you've received His help or healing!

Now when that happens, the Devil starts playing with your mind saying to you that ''if God really cared He would have stepped in and helped you or healed you.'' He'll try to convince you that not only will God not help you but that He's not powerful enough or loving enough to help you.

And Habakkuk reasoned like so many do today that if God is God and if God really cared that He wouldn't allow sorrow and sickness and disasters and dilemmas!

Now having spent several months down in the valley, I can tell you that when sickness or sorrow enters your world and you pray for healing or help and it doesn't seem that God's doing anything .. you can quickly become like doubting Habakkuk and start wondering if there is a God and if there is .. does He care and if He does .. why doesn't He step in and stop all of this!

Let me tell you something about life's difficulties: it isn't easy to keep it all together when your worl ...

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