by Ernest Easley

We've been playing "Bible Trivia" on these
Sunday nights and I have added another question. Now
... if you think you know the answer .. indicate it by
raising your hand.
Now .. this is not a trick question but you need to
listen very carefully. Ready? Who knows how many
one-chapter books there are in the Bible? Correct ...
there are 5! Now .. who can name those 5 ... one-chapter
Obadiah ... Philemon ... 2 John .. 3 John .. and
Jude. Very good! Now for our study .. we're only
looking that the 4 .. one-chapter books in the New
Testament. We may come back later and consider
So tonight .. we continue our study of these 4 ..
one-chapter books in the New Testament. We're
thinking under the general heading: God's Special
So .. take your Bible tonight and turn please to 3
John. These one-chapter books are much like postcards.
They are brief yet very beneficial. They are short yet
very significant. They are concise yet very clear! These
are God's special postcards!
And I believe God has a special delivery just for
you tonight. I really do! I want to show you from 3
John that conflict in the church is nothing new!
Sometimes we get to thinking how wonderful it
would be to have been a part of the first century church.
Well .. I'm not so sure about that! The early church ... as
we're going to see tonight ... was plagued with problems!
And I'm not surprised. Friend .. when you decide
to live for God ... when you determine to be a godly man
.. godly woman .. godly teenager ... you're going to find
yourself standing opposed to most things others are for!
You're going to find yourself in the minority! It's like
swimming up stream! And as we're going to find ... it
sometimes happens in a church.
The book of 3 John is centered around a cast of
three and their all men! 2 John was written to a lady. 3
John was written to a man. We're thinking tonigh ...

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