by Ernest Easley

All right ... let's see how good your memory is
tonight. Now .. some believe that there is an advantage
to having a poor memory. You have less to forget!
Don't you believe it! And don't forget it!
I've met some people who can remember a lie for
ten years yet forgets the truth in ten minutes! And I pray
God that you will not forget the truth we're going to
learn tonight!
So .. let's see how good your memory is tonight!
Who can tell us how many books in the New Testament
have only one chapter? Four! Very good.
Now let me dig a little deeper. Who thinks they
can name those four books? Philemon .. 2 John .. 3
John .. and Jude! These are God's special postcards
and what timeless truths we're learning from these four ...
once chapter books!
Take your Bible and turn please to 2 John. These
one-chapter books are much like postcards: they are
short yet significant! They are brief yet beneficial!
These are God's special postcards!
I believe that God has a special delivery just for
you tonight! I really do! And I want to show you from
the Word of God how to spot a phony! Those who look
right. Those who sound right. Yet ... John calls them
They were peddling their poison from door to door
and we're going to learn tonight not only how to spot
them but what to do when they come knocking on your
Now ... look if you will to the second of God's
Special Delivery!

Now .. Philemon's postcard is the only book in the
Bible addressed to a layman. Second John's postcard is
the only book in the Bible addressed to a lady!
Look back to verse 1, "The Elder, To the elect
lady and her children .." So .. who is this lady,
anyway? Well .. we're not told who she is.
Now ... Some believe that the word "lady" refers
to a church since the church is referred to in the Bible as
the "bride of Christ."
Others believe that this "elect lady" was a literal
person wh ...

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