by Ernest Easley

You Never Miss the Water Til the Well Runs Dry
Judges 16.20-22
August 30, 1998
Dr. Ernest L. Easley
There’s an old saying that’s true: You Never
Miss the Water Till the Well Runs Dry. There’s so
much we take for granted! I cannot help but think of
our oldest son who has just completed his first week
of college at Dallas Baptist University.
He called the other night complaining . . . if you
can imagine of all things .. about the food in the
cafeteria! He said that it was so bad that all he could
eat was salad! You Never Miss the Water Till the
Well Runs Dry!
That’s also true spiritually! In fact . . . in Judges
chapter 16 .. Samson lost the power of God in his life
and he didn’t even know it. Look if you will to
Judges 16. We’re thinking tonight on this subject:
You Never Miss the Water Till the Well Runs Dry
Judges 16.20-22
Now look back to verse 20b, “But he did not
know that the Lord had departed from him.” Do
you see the word “departed?” It literally means “to
turn off . . . to turn aside.”
In other words .. God had turned him off! So
why did God turn aside or turn off Samson? Because
of his rebellion against Him. That’s why!
God remove His hand of blessing and strength
from Samson . . . now don’t miss this: and Samson
didn’t even know it! What a frightening thought.
That we can be so busy in our activity . . . living our
life . . . doing our thing and God’s power be removed
and our not know it.
When you study the life of Samson . . . you find
that God’s power came upon Samson from his early
years. On one occasion .. he killed 1000 men with
the jawbone of a donkey. He was the original
Rambo! Word was out .. God’s hand of blessing was
on Samson.
Well . . . one Bible principle we can learn from
the life of Samson is that past blessings are no
assurance of future blessings. And Samson
became like the other men.
That’s true for churches too! Churches that
were once ...

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